Welcome to GOLDfren Brakes
Innovators in Brake Systems and Friction Solutions

In just over 25 years we have become market leaders innovating in R&D, manufacturing and best business practices. With hard work of the brightest minds in the field of material and mechanical engineering, we have developed the best in class brake system and components for multiple industry applications.  Through our own in-house R&D and manufacturing processes, painstakingly controlling each step of the way, we live the quest for the ultimate brake performance. We shun mass production seeking excellence in each finished product, reaching a balance of great engineering and craftsmanship.

Welcome to the GOLDfren family.

Motorcycle GP
Motorcycles & ATV/UTV Brake Component Division
Speed & Agility
We were born out of racing and explorations in tough terrains.  We understand extreme conditions like no other competitor.
MTB & Road Bicycles
Brake Components Division
Technique & Response
With better feel, noise and temperature performance, you can depend your life on Goldfren pads and disks for your downhill race.
Heavy Vehicles
Brake Components Division
Endurance & Long Range
We offer the best alternative for all OEM brands in brake pads for your fleet management.  By manufacturing our high performance brake pads for buses, trucks and trailers, we have proven to deliver the greatest value in the after-market parts.
AircraftBrake Components Division
Quality & Safety
Our engineers are truly masterful solutions providers and problem solvers for challenging condition, designing components and systems to achieve the highest quality improving performance, reliability while decreasing cost and environment footprint.  Unlike the big players in the aerospace industry with broad product lines, we have only focused on brake systems and components for the Civil and Military Aviation.  We are a preferred after-market for the MRO’s.
IndustrialBrake Components Division
Strength & Efficiency
From single components to the inner workings of brake systems and friction solutions, Custom Design is what we do best.

Goldfren has been awarded the highly sought-after TÜV Certification for all our product lines.  The respected German Agency is the gold standard in the world for Technical Inspection and Testing for quality assurance and approval in performance, durability, reliability, ease of installation and function integration with Original Equipment.   Goldfren has earned its reputation from having the best results on these testing when compare to other competitors and from the experience on the field.